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we have more to offer than a strong design sensibility

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designing is the fun part and what we wake up for in the morning

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{ type•set } : to set in type ; compose

this is the foundation of what we do, or the start of it at the very least. we set into motion. we set into type. we compose. we type:set

we’ve been busy

so be a busybody and check out our projects!

our ears are burning

people are talking about us, but we don’t mind

“I just went on the website again… LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!”

—President & Co-Founder

“You totally pumped up the art direction [on this one]—you are a pro.”

—Manager, Online Marketing

“[We] have gone through the latest pdf and it looks fabulous!… Have we mentioned how much you guys rock?”

—Director, Product Management

Just announced [the website] to the company … getting rave reviews. THANK YOU”

Chief Marketing Officer

jack of all trades

at type:set we dabble in a little bit of everything… but, we have our favorites


  • print 57%
  • vector 16%
  • digital 31%